1)      In swimming, we will have a meet layout of all the events and the numbers of heats in each event (based on the number of participants per event).  Heats will be

Arranged by age and gender.  The age groups are Kids: 10-14 and Adults: 15 and up.


2)      The meet will last approximately 2 hours, with a 10-minute break at the halfway point and a 5-minute break after all the individual events, before relays.  This does not include set-up or clean up.


3)      Through a megaphone, we will announce the event number and heat that will be racing, and we will also announce the next event/heat on deck, so that the meet runs smoothly.  Each swimmer will go to his/her respective lanes when it is time for their race. Each swimmer will be responsible to be at his/her lane at the time of their event, if they are not at their respective lane at the time of their event, they will be automatically disqualified from the event. Once the swimmer arrives at their lane, they will then check in with the timer in that lane, and make sure their name and team is written down for that event and heat.  The event will start with the announcer saying “swimmers take your mark” through the megaphone then shoot a cap gun. Then the race would begin and the timers would start their stopwatches.  The timers are also responsible for stopping the watches and recording the time next to the swimmers name on their meet sheet. At the end of each event, the timers sheets will be collected and put in order according to time. The fastest three times will win 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively.


4)      Stopwatches, megaphone and cap gun (or starting system), safe pool, lane lines, starting blocks, flags, locker rooms, timers, clipboards and pencils, official score keeper  head announcer (of events and heats, also names), first aid kit, desk will all be provided



5)      We will specify the stroke and distance of the event before and also announce the distance and stroke of the event before every race. 



6)      The refs (stroke and turn judge)/score keeper/announcers are going to be volunteers. We will have a practice race for the timers and maybe even a 5-minute talk with them to make sure they know what to do.


7)      The schedule of events along with names of people of each heat will be posted in the pool area. The swimmer coordinators will have a master schedule of all events. 


8)      A first aid kit will be on hand at the scorekeeper’s desk. There will also be a certified lifeguard on hand as well. 






(swim meet layout)



25 = 25 yards = 1 lap

50 = 50 yards = 2 laps

100 = 100 yards = 4 laps

200 = 200 yards = 8 laps

500 = 500 yards = 20 laps



Free = Freestyle

Back = Backstroke

Fly = Butterfly

Breast = Breaststroke

IM = Individual Medley = 1 lap of each stroke (order of 100 IM: fly, back, breast, free)

Doggie = Doggie Paddle


Provoke and Retaliation Rules
The one that provokes the harm will be ejected from the game/tournament and subsequent  games in following three years.  the player who retaliate will be ejected and banned for two years.


All rules and regulations are subject to modification by the ZSC sports coordinator without prior written notice.