Some of the Rules       


         A player loses the point if he or she touches the table with the free hand or touches the net or net post during play.

         If the ball hits any part of a player's body or clothing while the ball is over the table, it is ruled an obstruction, and the offending player loses the point.

         Players may not volley, or hit the ball before it bounces.

         A player who makes a double hit loses the point.

         A player who bumps the table heavily enough to move it loses the point.





         The ball must be white or orange, have a 40mm diameter and weigh 2.7 grams.

(The new official ball is 2 mm's thicker than the original 38-mm ball). Specifications for the rackets' rubber surfaces are extremely specific. Players are allowed to use either pimpled rubber or sandwich rubber. Important, the rubber should be approved by the ITTF.




         Fully white or yellow shirts are not allowed (UP TO  THE ORGANIZERS)

         Any particular shoes the players must not wear while playing, depending on the surface they are playing on (UP TO THE ORGANIZERS).


Competition format


Yet to be decided.



Provoke and Retaliation Rules
The one that provokes the harm will be ejected from the game/tournament and subsequent  games in following three years.  the player who retaliate will be ejected and banned for two years.


All rules and regulations are subject to modification by the ZSC sports coordinator without prior written notice.