·        Each match will consist of 2 sets. When the match is tied one set all, one match tie breaker game (this replaces the deciding final set) will be played to decide the match. The player who first wins ten points (provided there is a margin of 2 points over the opponent) wins the match.

·        Each set will be first to 6 games, or if 5-5, then 7 by 2 games. At 6-6, a 7 point (margin of 2 points) set tie breaker will be played.

·        No- Advantage (No Ad) scoring will be used. If both players have “Deuce each”, a deciding point will be played to determine the winner. The receiver will get to choose either the left or right court.

·        Players will change sides on total of odd scores. A three minute break will be allowed between switch overs.

·        No coaching during actual match will be allowed. A five minute break will be allowed between sets, unless both players wish to forgo the break.

·         USTA rules of tennis will be followed. Please see :

·        Some of the other rules are summarized below:

o       The tournament referee’s decision will be final. Once both players shake hands, no complaints or appeals will be heard.

o       In the first two rounds, the receiving player will call the ball "out." The server will announce the score. An umpire & linesman will be available for quarter, semi and final rounds. New balls will be provided for each match.  

o       If the ball touches any part of the line it is considered in. If the receiving player did not observe the landing of the ball, then the opponent is given the benefit of doubt.  In keeping with the spirit of the Olympic Games, all players are expected to give courtesy to their opponents. in conformity with USTA rules. For example, if there is any reasonable hindrance to a receiving player, the point should be stopped and replayed.

o       Players will receive a ten minutes warm up. Players who want practice must come early and do it with their own hitting partner. The winners of each match may have to play another round match on same day (mostly Friday and Saturday). Players who have lost their matches may be asked to volunteer as coordinator, linesman, referee or umpire. Player will default the game if late over 15 minutes. No warm up will be allowed for late players.

o       There are 4 courts, so play will be concurrent on all 4 courts. Water bottles will be provided.

o       Finals for the Gold & Silver medals and playoff for the Bronze will take place on Sunday 6th July, at 11 AM. The schedule for the early rounds is as follows:

§         Round 5 & 4 :    Thursday 3rd July, 1:30pm to 4 pm, postings will be done by 1 pm.

§         Quarter Finals:   Friday 4th July, 11am to 2:30 pm, postings will be done overnight.

§         Semi Finals :      Saturday 5th July, 11am to 4 pm, postings will be done overnight.

§         Women’s Finals :  Saturday 5th July, time to be determined upon completion of the semi finals.


Please look at the posted notice board for the timings/drawings of your particular match, and any scheduling changes. If you have any conflict with your team sports, please inform the Tennis Staff immediately. Players, who have won and have progressed to the next round, may contact their opponents to schedule their match (court permitting) at an earlier time. This will help free up the courts, and allow some flexibility where matches have a conflict with the team sports.



Provoke and Retaliation Rules
The one that provokes the harm will be ejected from the game/tournament and subsequent  games in following three years.  the player who retaliate will be ejected and banned for two years.


All rules and regulations are subject to modification by the ZSC sports coordinator without prior written notice.