Teams and Results

Photographers who captured all ZSC moemtns in 2010:
You can view/download/ag/print ZSC 2010 pictures from Picassa Album

Picassa Album

Same as all previous years Fereydon Demehri a great supporter of zsc games have also set up a very up-to-date categorized photo album at web site

Dariush Jamasb:
Dariush was born in 1975, got his B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Tehran, Khaje Nasir Toosi University, and got his diploma from Firoozbahram, currently working towards his Master's of MBA, specialized in project managment.
Photography is Dariush's main hobby, and couple of his pictures have been published in different magazines and one of them in high school book of Mexico, Picture name is "Contrast" and can be found on his flickr album.
Dariush has taken pictures for different non profit organizations including, Unity Walk Washington D.C, ZCDMW, and ZSC.