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President: Nima Patel
While I've been involved with ZSC events in one way or another since I was a young teenager, it wasn't until I turned 27 that I was finally blessed with an inviation to join the team full-time! Anyone who knows me knows I love sports, and the idea of uniting our communitiy through competition is a brilliant one that I'll do anything I can to help promote. Plus, doing this is much more fun than my real job, which is a structural engineer.

Sports Director: Behrouz Mehrkhodavandi
I enjoy most sport activities and have participated in most of zsc games, when I was asked to join the zsc team I accepted because I think one of the best way to bring our Zoroastrian community together is with these sports events.

Secretary & Treasurer: Katy Salamati
I wanted to join ZSC committee even before coming to US, since I heard a lot about its events. I have always been a big fan of doing team work and social works. I have been an active member of "Kanoon" the Zoroastrian Student Organization, Tehran Zoroastian association and a few of student oragnizations in Sharif Univeristy in Iran. I joined ZSC right after 11th Zarathushti Games in 2008. I am very happy to work with such wonderful, passionate and professional teammates.

Marketing & Outreach: Sheila Mazdyasni
What I lack in sports, I make up for in spirit. Having attended, helped, and made great memories at many ZSC events throughout my years, it is an honor to be asked join the committee. I am excited to do what I can to keep the community together and active. Being a public health professional, I’m definitely a big proponent of encouraging physical activity.

Sports Coordinator: Arsham Dianat
As the son of a very demanding mom, I started by helping ZSC with little tasks and eventually decided to join the wonderful team. I am an avid fan of all sports and look forward to seeing everyone at the games every year. Chea!

Advisor: Behnaz Dianat
     Former ZSC Treasurer (1988-2016)
An innocent standby spectator during the first ZSC games in 1988. 5 months pregnant with the first soon to be ZSC athlete baby, Arsham, was recruited by Bijan to collect registration fees from participant ! I must have been good at my job, hence the treasurer :) of ZSC since 1988. Not knowledgeable about sports, their rules, but love promoting it with our youth. My real career is a consultant electrical engineer.

Advisor: Niaz Kasravi
     Former ZSC President (2007-2016)
Niaz joined ZSC in 1998 with a strong belief in its goal of uniting the Zoroastrian community, particularly Zoroastrian youth, through sports, healthy competition and athleticism. Though she knew very little about sports, as her background is in social justice and human rights, through her tenure she has been fully committed to uplifting this organization and building on the vision of its founders to promote a healthy and more active lifestyles in our community, and help foster bonds of friendship that span across boundaries and borders.

Alumni: Web Site Designer & Developer: Ramin Shahriari
     Former ZSC IT Tech and Website Admin (2002-2017)
Ramin Shahriari was born in Tehran, Iran. He received his bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Sharif University (Arianmehr University), his Masters Degree in Computer Science at University of Southern California, and his MBA from North Carolina State University. Currently he is working at Netsertive. Ramin was and is a very active member of the Zoroastrian Committees in US and Iran.

Alumni: Technical Advisor: Shahram Ghandeharizadeh
As the title `Advisor' suggests, I only talk and not much else. Prior to the 2002 event, Kambiz was telling me about ZSC and how to increase the circulation of its photos and video clips. Through discussions, the idea of this web site was born. Ramin did almost all the work to bring this idea to life. Kambiz's foresight to request photos on CDs simplified their uploading onto this web site.

Founder: Bijan Khosraviani
     Former ZSC President (1988-2006)
Godfather of ZSC. The visionary person that came up with the concept of establishing ZSC and put up his own money to fund the first event. He came up with the ZSC bylaws and recruited other individuals to join him in promoting sports amongst Z. youth.