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10th Unity Cup

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10th Zoroastrian Unity - Cup Soccer Tournament
September 2-3, 2017 (Labor Day Weekend)

Aviation Park
1935 Manhattan Beach Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Zoroastrian Sports Committee (ZSC) cordially invites you to join us for the 10th Zoroastrian Unity Cup Games in beautiful Redondo Beach, California. We look forward to seeing you for yet another memorable event of Soccer, competition, and meeting with new and old friends during Labor Day Weekend 2017.


Soccer Game Fee and Deadline Schedule

Qualified Age Early Bird
June 25
July 23
August 14
Adult15 years old and over $95.00 / Player $110.00 / Player $125.00 / Player
Youth Div.16 to under 10 years old $55.00 / Player $65.00 / Player $75.00 / Player
Youth Div.210 to under 15 years old $55.00 / Player $65.00 / Player $75.00 / Player

Social Event

There is no scheduled social event this year.


Rules and Regulations


* Logo and posters designed by Babak Parsi.

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Memories from previous years

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